"If it has a collection of reciprocating parts and a soul, I am instantly hooked on the craftsmanship, the how and the why"

About Bo Hare

With a background in industrial design and automotive engineering for classic and vintage cars, my experience covers types from pre-war to post-industrial 70's. Aside from my love of historic motor sport, I also restore vintage and veteran 2-wheeled machinery.

You can see my latest projects for what else I'm working on and recently restored vintage bikes now for sale

Experience includes race, road and rally preparation, restoration and maintenance for: Porsche 904's, 911's, Ferrari 250's, 275's, 500 F2, Aston Martin DB5, DB6 and DB7, Bugatti, Lotus 6, 7, 10, 11, 221 and 22, Elite, 15, 16, 18 and Queerboxes, Alfa Romeo Guilia 105 GT, 6c 1750, 8c 2600, Abarth 600tc, Connaught B-type, AC ace, Aceca and Cobra, Crossle 5s, Ford Mustangs,  Jaguar C, D, E types, 20's VSCC Trials cars, Vintage Land Rovers, MGA and MGBs,  Aero Engined specials, Volvo P1800s and Amazons.

Vintage and veteran motorcycles, machinery and everything conceivable in-between from James XXX to XXX. I've also built a customer pegout xxxx